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Human Resource Management and Training Solutions

About Us

Executive Summary

We offer human resources management and consulting services to our clients and candidates inclusive of compliance, training, labour relations, policies and procedures. We engage with and provide practical advice to business across industry.
Azile Enterprises provides a 180 degree HR service to organisations in various industries, on an outsourced basis. We provide clients with a range of flexible, customised and effective HR Management and Training solutions through project based assignments or complete outsourcing of the HR function

We offer HR Consulting services to small and medium enterprises (SME) and sole proprietors, and large organisations. We initiate development of and lead internal teams in preparation of all firms of CSI programmes. Raising awareness of the client’s commitment to CSR and generating publicity around the client’s organisation’s altruistic endeavours.

Our Vision
To build and sustain an organisation with whom people want to do business. Empowering people by training them and appreciating their input. Encourage Corporate Social Investment

• To assist in developing coherent policies and strategies for your business
• To provide career paths and counselling
• To enable effective change and training

Core Values
Our core values guide our relationship with our clients and our employees, we believe in:
• Quality relationships and open communication
• Operational excellence
• Integrity
• Social responsibility
• Equality at all levels

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